Hello, I’m Danielle! A little about me – I love anything pink, have a huge sweet tooth, and adore my little rescue pup Charlie. Most days you can find me up early and jotting down my to-do list. From there, I sit down with a big cup of coffee and avocado toast to tackle the day’s work! I’m so excited to share my passions with you through this blog – everything from a delicious dinner recipe, to a decor DIY, to a travel guide for that vacation you’ve been planning!

I love serving the world by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses tell their story and connect with their ideal audience through a beautifully designed brand. I want to help you along your journey to build a thriving business, by creating branded visuals that communicate your business’ voice and speak to your dream clients!

I’m a firm believer in community over competition, and supporting my fellow entrepreneurs along this crazy path that we’re all on! We need to stand alongside one another, encourage each other during the tough times, and celebrate our accomplishments together!

I was born and raised in North Vancouver, Canada, and I didn’t go very far! Today, my boyfriend and I live together with our dog Charlie, just a few blocks away from the apartment I was brought home to from the hospital! In North Vancouver, we can be up on the mountains in the morning and walking down by the ocean in the afternoon. That’s just heaven to me, and one of the big reasons why I love the West Coast! In my free time – as you can imagine – I love to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s by taking Charlie for a stroll, reading a book in a nearby park, or catching a yoga class in the local studio with a view of the mountains!

Want to know more? Here are a few fun facts about me!

about me about me about me about me
My first language was Spanish – my mom is Peruvian!
I love starting my morning with a coffee or latte! I’m super handy, and my Dad taught me everything I know! I love baking sweets, desserts, and yummy treats!
about me about me about me about me
I was a competitive cheerleader for six years and could do a back-handspring! I love to travel! My favourite places are Cinque Terre, Macchu Picchu, and Maui! I was never a dog person as a kid, but Charlie’s melted my heart forever! I grew up doing all kinds of crafts, anything from flower fairies to stuffed animals!
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